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Qtag provides you with excellent mobile- and custom web development, content management systems and graphic design services. Qtag is a one stop for all, full-service, Internet company servicing many successful online entrepreneurs.

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QR code software

Qtag's unique QR code management software allows you to create QR code, organize them neatly and analyse your campaign results.

  • Create, manage and analyse QR codes;
  • Change the URL's after creation of a QR code;
  • Easily organize large amounts of QR codes;
  • Organize clients and campaigns;
  • Download QR codes in .svg, .eps, .pdf and .jpg format;
  • Analyse QR code scan results;
  • Download statistics in .PDF format;
  • Redirect customers to different URL's using 1 QR code;
  • Compare QR codes on media types (i.g. advertisements vs posters);
  • Everything is done in a secure (SSL) environment.

Our software provides real-time analytic reports on the number of times QR codes are scanned, which media types are used and have the best performance. Geographical IP based locations are listed to see in which areas the QR codes are most effective. Other powerful features enable you to further enhance your mobile marketing with QR codes.


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A few QR code designs

Triodos QR code design
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Rothenberg QR code design
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Richard Krajicek Foundation
RKF Richard Krajicek Foundation QR-code design logo
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Yogacentrum Innerwork
Yogacentrum Innerwork QRcode design
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