QR code software pricing

Our QR code management software is available from € 75,- a year. Of course, you can always try the software 14 days free.

Why pay for QR codes?

With professional QR code marketing software you can not only create, but also organize and analyze your QR codes, you can change URL's without changing printed materials. You can analyze how many times a code is scanned, where it is scanned. You can download generated QR codes in print ready files.

We show you relevant marketing feedback on every QR code you use. So you will know if they are successful for your business or not. With our services you can also expect professional support!

With free QR codes you are oblivious of such information.


QR code license
Single 1 € 75,-
Small 5 € 150,-
Semi 10 € 185,-
Basic 25 € 335,-
Pro 50 € 485,-
Pro+ 100 € 675,-
Premium 250 € 935,-
Premium+ 500 € 1315,-
XXL 1000 € 1875,-
Redirect option
1 € 65,-
2 € 105,-
5 € 195,-
10 € 325,-
15 € 390,-
25 € 485,-
50 € 650,-
100 € 715,-
250 € 815,-

Redirect options

Redirect your customers to the correct information based on the following smart options:

  1. Language redirect: redirect customers to the correct pages of your mobile website based on smartphone language settings;
  2. Device / App redirect: Make a QR code cleverly react to the smartphone type. You can now send users to different URL's based on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone or other operating systems. This may come in handy when you have an app for multiple operating systems;
  3. Time redirect: Schedule and send users to different URL's based on period and time (CET).

These options can be used combined or individually, all using just 1 QR code!

So, start maximizing your return on investment with the Qtag QR code software!

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